Where is the Good in Good Friday?


Tomorrow we celebrate Good Friday. We will gather to remember one of the darkest days in human history. Tomorrow is a day when it’s really hard to see the good.

After sharing what would become the final meal with his disciples, Jesus leaves for the garden to pray. Prayer in these moments come with a heavy heart. Though he’s known all along about the betrayal he would feel and the torture that was coming, that certainly didn’t make it easier.

As the army approaches, Judas betrays Jesus with a kiss. What would eventually become a kiss of death.

What follows is a string of injustices that culminate with Jesus, the Son of God, the only sinless person to walk this earth, hanging on a cross to pay the penalty for our sin.

Where is the good in this?

If you dig deep enough and listen close enough, the good emerges. As Jesus breathes his last breath, the temple veil is torn in two and injustice is transformed to justice.

The veil was torn.
Jesus was killed.
Atonement was made.
Access is granted.

At our Good Friday service, we will explore the injustice that led to Jesus’ death and rejoice in the goodness that through Jesus, God came near.

We hope you’ll join us at The Summit in the Worship Center at 6:30pm on Friday, April 14.



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