Hugs Mean More Than Words


Personal Note from our Counselor in Residence, Peggy Brooks  

As one of the leaders of the GriefShare Program that The Summit Church has provided the past four years, Staci Allen The Summit’s Care Ministry Director, approached me last summer about hosting a Grief Support Group this fall. Knowing God would bring the people that could benefit from this group, the praying and planning began.

I was absolutely delighted that God brought together five amazingly wonderful women. Four had been recently widowed and one had been widowed for a number of years. My job was to make the book assignments, ask the first question, and then sit back and watch these ladies share and minister to each other.

There were tears shed as each woman shared her personal story that first meeting, but as the seven-week group progressed, there was lots of laughter mixed in with the tears. Hearts were shared. Comfort was given. Helpful ideas as to how to survive the loneliness that can consume you after the death of a loved one were also shared. I learned so much from these lovely ladies, and will share the two things in which they all agreed: weekends are the loneliest times and hugs mean more than words.

As the end of the group neared, I was so pleased when the group decided they wanted to continue meeting together at least once a month and asked if we all could go out for dinner together after our last formal meeting. We did have dinner together and it was such a blessing to sit there and observe what God had done in the lives of these women by simply spending time with a group of people who were also on their own individual journeys through grief. The healing had begun.

Note: GriefShare is a 10-week program The Summit does every year and runs from February through the first part of April. We will meet Tuesday evenings from 6:30 – 8:00 pm beginning February 7, 2017 and end April 11. Men and women are welcome to sign-up for both programs. Sign up here! Questions? Contact Staci Allen at


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